Olympic Tuesday!

Welcome to Tuesday!  Have you been watching the Olympics?  How great is TV right now?  I love, love, love, watching all of the sports.  So exciting and you never know who will win!

We have Lemon Meringue Pie today!  It is always a winner!  Tart and sweet with heavenly meringue!  This is my favorite pie….I think….Oooooh, Blackberry is my favorite too!  Can you have more than one favorite?

We have German Bauern Bread today!  Excellent bread with corned beef or pastrami!  Get it sliced and then pile it high with your favorite lunch meat and of course, a red ripe tomato!  Vegetarian?  A red ripe tomato and a slice of cucumber!  Fresh and delicious!  All of our breads are made fresh and without preservatives Natural ingredients, nothing that you cannot pronounce!


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