Friday, Friday, Friday!

It’s Friday!  In our house, Friday is usually Pizza Day!  Who wants to go home after a long week and cook dinner?  Our Take and Bake Pizza’s are perfect!  You just pop them into a 425 degree oven for 12 to 15 minutes and you have dinner!  Use paper plates or paper towels and no dishes!  Get creative and let your children decorate their “area” of the pizza with their favorite toppings and you are sure to see smiles.

Our cases are full today!  Come in and get something sweet!  We have “Couple” desserts!  These desserts are perfect for two people.  Our Petite Toasted Almond, our small Cheesecake, or our Individual Lunch Pies are perfect for two!  Even if you are single, these desserts are great.  You can have dessert today and tomorrow, but not all week!

Our cases are full and waiting just for you!  Tomorrow, we will have Banana Cake Donuts!  These are sooooo delicious! Such a light sweet banana taste, made with real banana’s, not artificial favors.  Also on tap for tomorrow, we will have Lemon Meringue Pies!  Does anything scream summer better than Lemon Meringue?  I think not!  Have a Great Weekend.  Be safe and happy!

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