Finally Friday!

Have you been tied up in knots all week?  I have!  I am soooo glad that Friday is finally here!  No time to relax, though!  Helping with a fundraiser tonight and then watching my son is a Seven on Seven tournament tomorrow!  Where do all the days go?  Summer is almost over, very hopeful that we have a nice fall!  I could use some cooler weather, put on some bluejeans and a comfy sweater, and enjoy a piping hot cup of joe with some Potato Pretzel Donuts!  Have you tried these?  The potato dough is very good!  Slightly chewy, but sweet and covered with cinnamon sugar, my favorite!  I think you can get addicted to cinnamon!  I find myself putting it on everything!  In my coffee…on my ice cream!

Saturday, we have Strawberry Delight Donuts, Banana Donuts and Coconut Cream Pie!  The tastes of summer abound!  Stop in and get some of our Breads!  They make for a quick dinner!  Very nice on those very hot days!

Have a great weekend and be safe!

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