Easter Goodies!

Keystone has all kinds of delightful goodies this week!  Get ready now and have a few goodies on hand before Easter.  We have charming Mini Easter Cakes. Why not give an Easter Mini Cake to someone special and make them feel special and loved for the entire day!

We have a multitude of Easter specialties just waiting for you!  We will have our Holiday Rolls and Pascha Breads on Tuesday.  We have delighfully decorated cookies. How adorable are these individually iced cookies?  Perfect for children of all ages!  We also have bunny shapped sugar cookies in large and small sizes.  These wonderful cookies melt in your mouth and are just percect with coffee or tea.

Pierogies are available everyday.  They are packaged by the dozen and frozen for your convenience. We have four varieties: Potato and Cheese, Sauerkraut, Potato-Cheese & Jalapeno, and Prune fillings.  Stop in and pick some up today with our money saving coupon!

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