Two Weeks Until Easter!

Easter is only two weeks away! Have you started planning your Easter festivities? Are you planning a Holiday dinner?

Our Pascha bread is available today!  Beautiful, golden rounds of deliciousness! We can slice this bread to make serving easier or you can buy it whole to make a beautiful presentation. We will have Pascha available on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday next week.

Our Holiday Rolls; nut, apricot and poppyseed will be available on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday next week.  We use the very best sweet pastry/bread dough in these rolls along with generous fillings.  These are the best rolls I have tasted since meeting my husband thirty years ago.  Honestly, my rolls do not taste this good!  So, upon moving back to the Valley three years ago, I have been purchasing mine from Keystone.  Even before I began working here!  Really…these are so time consuming to make…and can become very dry if you bake them too long…Why take the chance?

Chocolate Cream Pies! Available today!  What a perfect and glorious end to your evening meal.  Can you say Oh My!


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