Happy Wednesday!

Good Day Mon Valley!  We have Bunny Cakes in all shapes and sizes.  Bring one home for someone special today.  Our cakes are made fresh daily, completely from scratch with homemade icing.  No pre-packaged bucket icing here!

Maple Iced Donuts are available today.  These are known as “coffee donuts” in my house.  When one of my daughter’s was a toddler, she had a caregiver named Grandma Nina.  No actual relation, but I could not have asked for a better caregiver for my daughter while I was at work.  She would sit my little daughter at the table and she and my daughter would share a morning donut.  She taught my daughter how to dip the donut in Grandma Nina’s morning coffee….not much coffee…a steaming cup of warm milk, sugar and just a hint of coffee to make it a wonderful caramel color!  My daughter is twenty-two now and still “coffee donuts” are her favorite.  What wonderful food memories do you have? A special birthday cake, a warm loaf of bread, or a simple donut shared by two?

Our Banana Cake is absolutely DE-LISH!  So fresh and yells springtime!  Come and get one today.


Did I mention Bunny Cookies? 

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