Our History

The Keystone Bakery has been family owned since 1926, when Costas Croussouloudis emigrated from Greece to join an already decade-old bakery as a partner. Once located at 217 Schoonmaker Avenue, the business moved to its currents site in 1974. John Croussouloudis owned the bakery with his wife, Pauline, from 1959 until 2007 at which time J.J. Georgagis, a nephew to John and Pauline, and his wife Melissa purchased the business. J.J. and Melissa have been eagerly keeping the family business and traditions going strong.

The Keystone Bakery’s reputation has been built on producing the best breads, cakes, pastries, cookies and donuts from the finest ingredients available. Our bakery is family owned, but our bakery IS a family unit of its own. And for over 85 years, this unique group of folks has been committed to maintaining the reputation of greatness that we have all worked so hard to earn.