About Us

Keystone Bakery is a locally owned and operated bakery committed to providing our customers with consistently high-quality bakery products and responsive, personal customer service. Our team is passionate about our high standards and commitment to each and every customer. We strive to exceed customer expectations in an effort to increase customer loyalty. We believe it is important to treat each person, whether customer, team member or vendor, with honesty, courtesy and respect.

Everything from Scratch

When you walk through our bakery, you’ll see the same type of equipment you might remember seeing in your grandmother’s kitchen. It’s just a little bigger! But just because our mixers and ovens are giant-sized, doesn’t mean that our products are commercialized. We honest to goodness make everything from scratch here. Ingredients are measured out just like grandma did it, just in larger quantities!


We bake all of our delectable creations without the use of preservatives. This may mean that the shelf-life is a little shorter than a loaf of store-bought sandwich bread, but you probably won’t have to worry. Because from a loaf of Italian bread to a dozen cheese Danish, whatever you take home with you is going to disappear faster than you could ever imagine!