Sunny Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!  We have our Greek Rings available in small, medium and large.  These are traditional Greek Easter Breads, beautifuly woven and baked to a delectable golden brown.  Rich, slightly sweet and OH!  So Good. 

Our beautiful Pascha (pronounced Paska) breads are available.  We have these in plain and raisin.  These are made from a slightly sweet, rich bread dough and are part of the Easter meal for many of Polish heritage.

Speaking of Polish heritage…we have Pierogies available in four varieties; potato & cheese, sauerkraut, potato, cheese & jalapeno, and prune.  Our pierogies are handmade from the finest ingredients. Each Pierogi is hand pinched in our bakery and frozen in dozen bags, ready for you to take home.  Simply place them in boiling water until they float, yes believe it or not, these things will float.  Drain and then, depending upon your preference, some people toss them in melted butter and serve.  While some people, myself included, like to actually saute them in butter, giving a little crispiness to the dough.  You won’t be disappointed!  These are the best pierogies in town!

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