Holy Thursday

The Easter countdown begins with Holy Thursday!  We will be taking Easter Orders until Noon today Please give us a call to ensure that we have your Easter treats ready and waiting for you.

As I came into the Bakery this morning, 8:00 ish or so, a customer and her son were loading up their car with Easter goodies.  As they put them into the car, her son states, “I want my Bunny cookie now.”  “Now?”, the Mom asked.  “Yes, I want it now!”  A boy after my own heart….Bunny cookies for breakfast!  Yummy!  What wonderful memories can be made when we are flexible and understand the allure of special treats in our lives.  How wonderful to think that as the boy grows into a young man, he will remember going to the bakery early in the morning with his Mom and sharing a Bunny Cookie for breakfast.

We have all of our Easter specialties available today.  Greek Rings, Pascha Bread, Holiday Rolls, Flakies, Mini Cream Rolls and as always our fresh baked breads!  We have several varieties of breads fresh daily.  We have Italian, Italian Twist, Sandwich, French, English Muffin Bread, Raisin Bread and on select days several types of Rye Bread.

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