Rainy Days and Pittsburgh Mondays……

Rainy Days and Mondays do not have to get you down!  Today we have our Strawberry Delight Donuts..One bite and your inner sun will shine! So sweet and berry-licious.  No reason to be gloomy….Summer and sun is on its’ way.

With summer, comes the return of your college kids!  Did you forget, as I have, how much they eat???  There never seems to enough food in the house.  Send them down to Keystone!  We have plenty of goodies to keep them busy.  If you go to our web page: www.thekeystonebakery.com We have a coupon good for 1/2 off a dozen or more of donuts!  That should keep them busy until at least 10:00am!  I treasure having my kids home for summer…too soon they will off and busy with their own homes and lives.

Did you know that we have Whole Wheat Bread?  We are not just sugar and spice!  We have fresh bread daily.  Today we have Whole Wheat, tomorrow German Bauern, Wednesday Bohemian Rye, Thursday Veggie Garden Bread, Friday English Muffin Bread (Get ready for the weekend….enjoy some jam on the English Muffin bread)!  Keystone has many healthy options for your daily bread needs.  All of our breads are made without preservatives.  Take home a loaf….you will notice the wonderful difference.


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