May Monday!

American FlagIt is the middle of May!  Memorial Day is fast approaching and then SUMMER!  Of course, you wouldn’t know it by the temperatures out there today in the Mon Valley!  Cold, cold, cold!  The weather men are promising that THIS is our last cold snap!

Black Raspberry DonutsWe have plenty to keep you warm for the next couple of days! Black Raspberry filled Donuts, Orange Chiffon Cake, Pineapple Bars, and Pies!  Stop in and see us for delicious dessert or breakfast goodies!Blackberry_Pie_a_la_Mode_Wallpaper__yvt2

pepperoni pizzaWednesday is Pizza Day!  We have Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza’s on special and of course our most delicious Pepperoni Rolls!

Graduation time is here!  We can make your dream graduation cake!  Bring us a picture or pick from one of our designs!Graduation graduation1 graduation2




Give us a call and order all of your Memorial Day Picnic items!  Buns, fresh bread, cakes and cupcakes!breads ButterRolls picture-52

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