SummerJune begins tomorrow!  Summertime, pool parties and barbecues!  Get ready to have some fun!

Blackberry_Pie_a_la_Mode_Wallpaper__yvt2 Strawberry RollNext week, we have some of our favorites!  Blackberry Pie, Buttermilk Fudge Cake, and Strawberry Rolls are on tap.  Our luscious Pan Dinner Rolls are featured on Saturday.  Perfect for your Graduation party or Barbecue!

pierogis1 Mushroom RavioliOurs1With the heat of summer upon us, we have easy, quick, dinner ideas!  Pizza…15 short minutes in your oven or placed on the grill.  Pierogi or Ravioli...cook in 10 minutes in boiling water…saute in butter or serve with your favorite sauce.  Easy, easy, easy….!  and QUICK!

We have been making several beautiful and interesting cakes!  Bring us a picture and we can make it for you!

1st Communion Cake Leopard Cake5 Tye Dye Cake


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