Happy, Happy Monday!

It’s Monday and the start to another gorgeous week!  Our weather has taken a beautiful turn…Sunshine, cooler temps and lower humidity…Lower Electricity Bills!

Today, Keystone Bakery has Cocoa Chiffon Cakes.  These are beautiful works of art and so light and fluffy.  It’s like eating a delicious, fluffy, cocoa cloud. If you are counting calories, I have read that when choosing dessert, choose something light, as in weight…The more dense a dessert is, the more calories it will contain.  A good example, choose a raised donut instead of a cake donut.  Every little bit counts and every once and awhile, you just need something sweet.

We have our Old Country Bread and our Whole Wheat Bread.  Each are healthy, delicious choices and we do not use preservatives!  We can slice them for you and they are ready for a delicious sandwich or morning toast.  Either of these breads are wonderful as French Toast or if you have left overs, toast them lightly in the oven and make stuffing or salad croutons.

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