Back To School!

Back to school time!  Happy or Sad, it is that time of year!  This week, we have buns on sale for all of your Labor Day Party Needs!  Our Buns are not only for cook-outs.  A lunch box containing a sandwich made with a  fresh, soft bun is a welcome treat!  Very worthy of an incredible lunch up-trade!  But, our buns are so good, your children won’t trade their sandwich for junk food! We have wiener buns on special as well.  You will not taste a finer hot dog than one placed on our buns.  Do you call them Hot Dogs or Wieners?  My Great Grandmother used to call them wieners or weenies and I always thought it was hysterical!  She was from Tennessee and pronounced wieners like it had three syllables.  She also called underwear… drawers, but that is another conversation!

We have many delicious treats this week!  Today, we have Cocoa Chiffon Cake.  Such simple goodness!  Visit us this week and you will find, Custard Pie, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Lemon Meringue Pie, Strawberry Rolls and of course Fruit Pies for the weekend…Apple, Blackberry, or Cherry!

Call ahead and order your weekend goodies and we will have them ready and waiting!

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