Good Morning Monday!

Good Morning Mon Valley!  What a day this is….Did you go outside and think..I could use a sweater! What a wonderfully, cool morning!  Today we have Coconut Cream Pie.  Delightfully smooth and creamy, our coconut cream pie is the ticket for today.  Keystone’s Coconut Cream Pie blends just the right amount of sweetness with delicious meringue and toasted coconut.  Have you ever had a coconut cream pie that was sooooo sweet, you felt like your teeth were melting?  Not here!  Ours is just enough to satisify your sweet tooth, but we do not go over the edge!

Tuesday is National Cherry Dessert  Day!  Stop in for our Cherry Cordial Chiffon Cake or Cherry topped donuts!  Enjoy soemthing tart and sweet!

Did you know that the last Packard was produce in 1956!  It is amazing what facts we can find online!  Have a great day!  Enjoy life and enjoy something sweet!

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