Woo Hoo It’s Friday!

It’s Friday Pittsburgh!  And it is National Donut Day! Do you know why we celebrate National Donut Day? http://donutdayusa.com/  Who knew why we have these delicious, perfect treats!  Try our Black Raspberry Filled Donuts, they are wonderful and soooo much Raspberry filling!

Do you have Graduation parties this weekend?  We have Graduation Cakes, Cookies, Bread and Buns to help make your event extra special.  Make your affair memorable with good eats!  Don’t be surprised if your guests go home with bulging pockets filled with your goodies.  Why not get one of our Strawberry Cake Rolls and tell everyone that you made it.  No one needs to know!

Have a great weekend!  Get our and enjoy the outdoors, do to the 3 Rivers Arts Festival. http://www.3riversartsfest.org/ Let me know what great works of art you bring home!





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