Wednesday and Snow!

Wednesday and snow!  Only four days until Easter!  Keystone Bakery is buzzing with activity!  We are busy, busy, busy!  We have bunnies everywhere!  Ever wonder how we get so many bunny cookies? Well…Bunnies do what bunnies do:)  Our Bunny Sugar Cookies are so fantastic!  Slightly sweet and the sugar on top is the perfect match for the cookie.  I hope the Easter Bunny drops a few of these bunnies into my Easter Basket! My absolute favorite with a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate!  And with the weather the Mon Valley has been having, hot chocolate is in order!  Dolly Parton has a song It’s a Hard Candy Christmas, well, it is a Hot Chocolate Easter!  Break off a piece of that chocolate rabbit and melt it in a cup of warm milk!

We have all of your Holiday Favorites!  Greek Rings are in abundance!  Have you tried one?  Please do!  It will be a favorite of yours for years to come.  These are made from Keystone’s own recipe and contains secret ingredients only known to the owner!

We are in full production mode!  Pies, pies, pies, everywhere pies!  Keystone’s pies are a holiday favorite! Order early, and we will have your favorite pie waiting! Pie, Pie, Oh My! I Love Pie!

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