Woo Hoo Friday is here!  How many of you are on vacation all next week? If not, many of us at least have a long weekend coming. Do you make Thanksgiving Dinner?  Perhaps you go to many of the brunches offered or if you are lucky, your Mom is making your dinner!  Whatever the choice, be thankful that we are here, enjoying a delicious meal!

Today, we have our wonderful German Chocolate Cake!   Our German Chocolate is so pretty and just as delicious!  It is a wonderfully moist, not too sweet, chocolate cake!  When you look at the icing, you might think, oooooh, way too sweet.  But I promise you, this is not true!  It is simply amazing.

We have all of your Thanksgiving Dinner needs.  Bread Cubes for your favorite stuffing recipe, Dinner Rolls, and Pumpkin Pies!  We make Thanksgiving Dinner easier, so you can spend time with all of your family and relatives, whether you like them or not!  Remember to smile and it is only one day a year:)

Our Strawberry Delights are available today! Light and tasty!  Perfect with a nice cup of afternoon tea or coffee!

Call as soon as possible to place your Thanksgiving Order.  We will have it ready for you when you stop in next week!


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