Can you believe Memorial Day is just one week away?  I had the opportunity to visit the Flight 93 Memorial over the weekend.  It is really a beautiful and serene place, but very sad when one remembers the people who valiantly fought that day and paid the ultimate price.  A day that changed our country and our lives. On Memorial Day, please remember all those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom; soldiers and extraordinary citizens, who choose to make a difference.  Go visit Shankstown and the Flight 93 Memorial if you get a chance.  It is only about 1 1/2 hours from Pittsburgh and the Mon Valley.

Memorial Day, the official start of summer and Graduations Parties!  Are your Saturday’s filled with Grad Parties?  We have everything to help make your Grad’s day very special.  We have photo cakes, decorated cakes, and cupcakes.  Want something special?  Bring us a picture and we will try to make it!

Looking for a lighter dessert?  Tomorrow, we have Angel Food Cake, plain or glazed.  Perfect for those counting calories, but who would still like a little something sweet after dinner!




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