July, July, July

Happy Monday Mon Valley!  We are over half way through July!  Just imagine, soon it will be August and school starts!  Do I hear a resounding scream of YES!  Out there?  One man’s pleasure is another man’s (or child’s) pain!  As many of us look forward to the new school year….but don’t despair, there is still about six weeks of summer left!

Today, we have Fresh Pepperoni Rolls! These make a great snack or even lunch!  Imagine when school starts and your child looks into that lunch bag and sees a Pepperoni Roll, some veggies and a drink!  It certainly would make my day!  There is nothing more satisfying that biting into fresh bread, followed by the spice of the pepperoni!  I even have these for dinner.  Zap it in the microwave for about 15 seconds, eat with a nice, fresh, summer salad http://www.southernliving.com/food/entertaining/cool-summer-salads-00400000046866/ and a glass of wine!  Such a nice, quick, summer dinner! No need to heat up the kitchen.

Today, we have Boston Cream Donuts!  Such a nice treat on a hot and humid day!  We keep these beauties in the refrigerator case because they are filled to bursting with our delicious Boston Cream!  Stop and get one or two…while they last!

If you are in need of Chocolate today, we have our Chocolate Fudge Bars!  Guaranteed to satisfy even the toughest chocolate craving.  Our beautiful chocolate cake, layered and covered in our fudge icing!




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