Friday Summer!

German Chocolate Cake - Friday and Saturday!

Friday is here!  And what a glorious Mon Valley day it is!  The weather is beautiful, not too humid….that comes in on Saturday!  This Father’s Day weekend be sure to treat your father or anyone who has had a significant influence on your life extra special.  We need to acknowledge the special people while they are here with us!  Too often we put off what should be said today, to say another day and sometimes, that day never comes.

We have all kinds of goodies to make your Father’s Day meal or celebration special. We will have German Chocolate Cake this weekend!  Something special and truly delicious.  We have decorated father’s day cakes and mini cakes along with many delicious varieties of cookies.  Stop in and pick Pop’s favorite!

French Cream Napoleons!!!

We have French Cream Napoleons today!  These are just so wonderful.  Puff pastry stacked high with a beautiful french cream between the layers!  You will float away with every bite! Who needs Paris?  Get Parisian treats here with no French Attitude!

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all of the GREAT dads out there!  Enjoy your SPECIAL DAY!

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