Cold Monday! Cold Week!

It’s January and it’s Monday!  It is cold and dreary today, making it hard to get started this morning!  Here in the Mon Valley this week, it will be a cold one!  But, what should we expect during January?  The 50+ degrees that we had last week or the single digits that we will have tonight!  We shouldn’t be surprised with our single digits!  Look on the bright side…January is almost over, then we have just one month until SPRING!!!  Yes, I said Spring!  I’m looking forward! Although, I do predict a large snow storm on February 15th!  More about that later!

Today, we have Cream Puffs, Eclairs and Orange Twist Donuts!  Cream Puffs and Eclairs are so much better in cold weather!  The dough stays light and crisp against the cold creamy filling.  Our Orange Twist Donuts are very light with just a hint of orange! Very nice with a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

Paczki Donuts arrive on Thursday!!!  Soooo delicious and only available for a short time!  We will have them Thursday through Saturdays starting January 24th.  Fat Tuesday, February 11th, will be the last day that they are available until next year!  Order early to ensure that we have your favorite flavors available!  We offer Paczki come plain or filled with raspberry, apple, apricot, prune, strawberry or cream.  They are so much more than a donut!

Stop in and see us!  We promise to make you happy! Stay warm and have a great week!


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