Beautiful, Beautiful Monday!  It is a beautiful fall day in the Mon Valley!  Last night was so cool, it found me looking for a blanket!  Celebrating fall, Keystone Bakery has many “fall” invoking delights this week.

Today is National Apple Dumpling Day! What is more perfect than a crisp, sweet, fresh, fall apple, surrounded by delicate pie crust?  So good and the prefect size for one! Eat one this evening on your patio or porch in the cool, crisp evening air.

We embrace fall with many delectable desserts this week.  We will have Maple Twist Buns and Pumpkin Pie on Tuesday, Pumpkin Chiffon Cake  on Thursday, and our Pumpkin Rolls on Friday and Saturday!  Our Pumpkin Rolls are so moist and delicious!

I love Pumpkin Rolls!  Have you ever tried to make one?  I have, they are not so easy.  Sure, they make it look easy on the television, but not so in my house.  It’s the rolling and unrolling of the pumpkin cake.  Supposedly, you just roll that cake up in a towel and then unroll to add icing and then re roll.  Yea, right….When I go for the re roll….I end up with a crater the size of the Grand Canyon in mine!  It’s a joke in our house, Mom’s Grand Canyon Fall experiment!  I’d much rather buy one! Unfortunately, I cannot pass it off as mine as my children will ask…Where’s the crater?

Stop in this week and enjoy the pleasant taste of fall!



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