New Delicacy Introduced

Upon receiving an unlimited number of requests for this all-time favorite Greek pastry, Keystone Bakery is proud to announce the availability of Baklava. This classic Greek desert is pretty familiar to most of you who need to satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s made with flaky phyllo dough and layered with a cinnamon-spiced filling and bathed in sweet syrup. But not all Baklava is created equal! Ours is not your typical variety. Keystone’s melt-in-your-mouth offering is made with ground walnuts that serves to hold the layers together, meaning much less crumbling onto your lap, and more delightful flavor for you to savor! As it goes with all of our recipes, two digits game this delicious and decadent pastry remains a tried and true favorite in our family and one that has been passed down from generation to generation. Now we are sharing it with you and yours. Stop in for a free sample if you haven’t tried it yet!

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