Keystone for Dinner!

Wednesday…Hump Day!  This week is streaming by quickly!  Have you seen the Back-to-School sales already!  In fact, yesterday I took my son shoe shopping hoping to beat the rush….The Mall was crowded!  If you are caught in this rush, make life easier today and stop in and pick up one of our Take and Bake Pizza’s!  You can shop till you drop, go home, pop it in the oven and you have dinner!  Easy, Peazy!

Keystone’s Bohemian Rye is a perfect dinner choice!   Get some sliced and make Reuben’s or I like it with hard salami, mozzarella and tomato!  A perfect summer sandwich and a very good, quick dinner!  Our Bohemian Rye also comes in round loaves.  These can be sliced or you can take them home whole.  These are perfect dip bowls for appetizers or make wonderful savory soup bowls!  Fill them with a chowder or thick stew and you have a complete meal.

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